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Design & Technical Services

Department of Engineering


Consultation and advice available, just ask. 

We are present at West Cambridge (Elecrical Engineering building) every Wednesday 9am - 1pm.

We are committed to offering best value on projects, so whether you need a straight-forward device constructing, or a complex system requiring full installation, we provide support, and offer continuing support for Electronics Workshop-made equipment.

Contact information

  • Mark Huntsman        Principal Technician mph23 (Teams) & (3)32663
  • Paul Pedersen          Principal Technician pp212 (Teams) & (3)32656

General inquires and placing orders email:
Tel. extn. (3)32701 

Rapid Prototyping PCB Service


Achieving early stage project innovation

Our prototype surface mount facility is configured for production of one off and small batches Whether you need dense SMT, 1206, 0805, 603 or 402 series or conventional leaded scale devices on a PCB, mounted in an enclosure, we can provide it.

Electrical Control System


Electronics Workshop manufacture and install electrical control systems to customer specification. 


Installation and Wiring


Complete turnkey installations, including power and wiring for control systems and other similar requirements.


Equipment Construction


We provide complete, custom-made electronics equipment, built to your design as finished and tested products.


3rd and 4th Year Projects


Undergraduates seeking practical support with construction are welcome to call in for assistance and advice. Time and materials costed against teaching job numbers.


Clubs and Societies


Whatever your electronic interest feel free to call in for support.

PCB manufacturing


PCB manufacturing is managed to provide best customer value, offering both outsourcing where appropriate, and in-house facilities for prototyping and small batch production.

Technical Information
For tight, close tolerance applications we use LPKF S63 Protomat and C60 CNC technology. This uses 60,000rpm (max) programmable spindle speed permitting the use of an extensive range of tools with diameters as small as 100um. These tools have impressive characteristics as they allow high precision with minimum penetration into the substrate. High spindle speed permits dense production, with minimum track widths/gaps of 100um and 0.3mm holes diameters. 
This technology has permitted us to achieve some innovative engineered solutions to unusual problems. 

The printed circuit material is industry standard FR4, which is epoxy laminate, 35um copper. Standard thickness is 1.6mm, but we can obtain other thickness materials as required, 1mm & 0.5mm. 

Finishes can be copper, chemical tin plating (1.5um approximately) and solder resist layer (75um).
We require gerber files for each respective layer and drill files.

If you require a quotation for PCBs, send your design to email:

PCB Population and Assembly Service


We can provide low volume and quantity depending on your requirements

  • Surface mount (1206 – 0402)
  • Through hole
  • Part or complete assemblies 
  • Testing service


Contact us

Mechanical Workshops
Mr Barney Coles (Workshop Manager)
Mr Richard Boothroyd
Mr Mark Vining

Room Number: IE0-07
Telephone: + 44 1223 3 39706

Electronics Workshops
Mr Mark Huntsman
Mr Paul Pedersen
Room Number: IE2-01
Telephone: + 44 1223 3 32701


Where to find us?

Up the stairs, behind the Dyson centre helpdesk.

Inglis Building (Trumpington Street)