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Design & Technical Services

Department of Engineering

COVID-19 Guidelines

In order to keep staff and students save during the coronavirus, we have introduced some changes in our processes.

Physical access to the main Workshops and Electronics Development Group will only be by appointment and where special permission is granted.

In the process of managing a project, you are likely to require specialist engineering skills. Given that a great many projects are multi-disciplinary it is often the case that several of these specialisms will have to come together in complement, providing the desired outcome.

We can put you in touch with the people with the required skills you need to get the job done.

Please provide details of the work required

  • Contact
  • We will assess the work, provide an estimate and timescales to complete the job.  
  • Internal Department teaching and research, a job number is required  to be raised against the work.
  • Part IIB projects, students requiring work for 4th year projects will need a job number from their supervisor. There is no charge for this work.
  • External Departments, a purchase order will be is required before work is commenced.

Workshop Prices 2020/21

  • Internal  £31.00 per hour

  • External  £35.00 per hour


Contact us

How to contact us during Covid-19

Please contact us to request an appointment/consultation via email or on MS Teams.

Mr Barney Coles, Workshop Manager
Mr Richard Boothroyd, Laboratory Manager
Mr Mark Vining, Laboratory Manager

Room Number: IE0-05
Telephone: +44 1223 3 32694

Design Engineering Services
Mr Neil Houghton, Senior Design Engineer (Mechanical)
Room Number: BC2-07
Telephone: +44 1 223 3 32763

Mr David Sayles, Senior Design Engineer (Electronic Systems)
Room Number: IN0-26
Telephone: + 44 1223 3 32707

Electronics Development
Mr Mark Huntsman,
Mr Paul Pedersen,
Room Number: IE2-01
Telephone: + 44 1223 3 32701

Dyson Centre for Engineering Design
Dr Richard Roebuck, Dyson Centre Manager
Telephone: + 44 1223 3 32688

HR Office Technicians
Mrs Barbara Paschalis, Divisional Administrator
Mrs Marta Cichosz, HR Administrator
Room Number: IE0-08
Telephone: +44 1223 3 32836