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Design & Technical Services

Department of Engineering

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Design Engineering Services

Design Engineeering Services

The Department has its own Senior Design Engineers who can help with designing the more complex projects required to do world-leading research. They know the manufacturing capabilities within the Department, combined with an excellent working relationship with the technicians, so supplying a complete follow up service from conception to finished research rig.     

The Senior Design Engineers are there to help, be it mechanical, electrical or electronic designs. Please bring your ideas and designs in any format, for expert help and advice.

  • Mechanical Systems Engineering

The design projects undertaken by the Design Engineering Service are typically highly complex multi-disciplinary systems, such as multi-axes CNC sheet metal forming machines or earthquake simulators. It facilitates prestigious and highly complex research projects within the Department by providing a comprehensive in-house consultancy service to academic / research staff.

  • Electronics Systems Engineering

The type of work undertaken ranges from designing and production of devices controlling high voltage or high current, embedded instrumentation devices, safety critical devices used in high pressure and high temperatures, safety critical medical devices to high frequency and devices used in fiber-optics transmission line.


Mr Neil Houghton, Senior Design Engineer (Mechanical)
Room Number: BC2-07
Telephone: +44 1 223 3 32763

Mr David Sayles, Senior Design Engineer (Electronic Systems)
Room Number: IN0-26
Telephone: + 1223 3 32707